Cassie Flynn

Internationally recognized expert on climate change

Cassie Flynn
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Cassie Flynn has been on the forefront of the climate debate for the last 15 years. She has advised world leaders, CEOs, and high-level coalitions on the climate crisis. Her ability to communicate complex ideas in a dynamic and digestible way makes her one of the most exciting and engaging speakers on the topic.


A passionate and engaging speaker focused on communicating the gravity of the climate crisis, but also the solutions, Cassie brings the issues down to earth in a way people can understand.


Cassie leads UNDP’s flagship initiative Climate Promise, the world’s largest offer of support to develop and deliver pledges under the Paris Agreement. She believes in the power of teams, and that everyone, no matter where you come from or what you do, can make a difference on climate change.


With her ability to translate complex issues, behind-the-scenes insights, and candid style, Cassie is a go-to for journalists and media reporting on climate change, quoted by leading outlets such as The Guardian, NPR, and Reuters.